The prenatal yoga session she offered at home was a huge stress-reliever and truly helped reduce my prodromal labor symptoms.  After the session, I felt better than I had in months – energized, opened, and rested all at once.


Cara is amazing!!! (I would give her 6 stars [on Yelp] if I could)
I was so lucky to find Cara Lee for prenatal yoga.  Cara is extremely intuitive about how to give yoga instruction and when to push you a little harder.  She is very respectful of where you are in your pregnancy and her doula experience can’t help but shine through!  I was not able to make her regular classes so I scheduled Cara 2x per week for private instruction.  It seemed like a splurge at the time, but I am so glad that I did it!!  Cara is patient, knowledgeable and dedicate to her profession.  You won’t be disappointed.


Cara’s intuition of what I needed out of a series of private yoga sessions was spot on. She guided me through practice with loving support. In just six sessions, she boosted my confidence in my practice, in my body’s expression of poses, and challenged me in a thoughtful way. On top of all that, she is a lovely person–kind, funny, with a dash of sass. I can’t wait to schedule another private series with her.


Cara is a wonderful yoga teacher for both group and individual instruction! When she leads a class, she has a great energy and excitement about what she does. She takes the time and attention to make sure her class is comfortable and working within their limits. She has the ability to recognize what her class needs on a physical and energetic level. Her classes are always welcoming, refreshing, relaxing and fun! When she works with me as a private client–her depth, professionalism, and attention to detail is amazing. She will work with you to figure out where your imbalances are and provides restorative, healing and strengthening practices. Not only is she great at interacting with her students, she has the biggest heart. I highly recommend using Cara for your individual and group yoga practice!

Birth Doula


More than words can express, Cara’s presence was invaluable. Her coaching/support pre-, during, and post-labour consisted of skill, mindfulness, compassion, respect, empowerment, wisdom, attunement, honesty, and authenticity. This allowed me to trust and rely on her at one of the most vulnerable times in my life, which facilitated a sacred birthing experience. I am deeply grateful.

Libby & Nick

Cara was vital and such a joy to my husband and I during such an amazing time in our lives. Cara’s general spirit, energy and excitement were contagious and I really appreciated how she, my husband and I were all such a TEAM. I am so very happy we had a referral to her and can’t imaging our first birth without her. Cara kept us all calm and reassured during all the ‘normal’ aspects of the birth experience and keep encouraging us when times got challenging. We are so very grateful for all of Cara’s life and professional experiences and can’t thank her enough for being such an integral part of bringing our little Bechler into this world. We love him to pieces and were thrilled with our (extremely post-date) birth experience. I also really enjoyed getting to see Cara again once our little one was settled at home. It was special to reconnect in the comfort of our own home and for her to see Bechler in his new life. We are so very excited to refer Cara (and have) on to our close friends. Nick, Bechler, Koya, Takla, Tiger, Triton and I all wish you continued success in your birth doula, yoga and motherhood endeavors! I truly hope our paths cross again in the future.
With much love and gratitude – The Ehlers Crew

Amy & James

Cara’s presence at the birth was so helpful.  While my mom offered forehead kisses and held my hand, Cara really partnered with my husband to help him provide physical comfort to me in the form of counterpressure, labor support poses, and massage.  She would rotate out with him when he got tired (and to be honest, her touch was much more effective in relieving the pain I was feeling) and make practical suggestions to both of us in terms of positioning.  Additionally, she really was able to advocate for me to the hospital staff.  Neither my mom nor my husband had the mental wherewithal during the birth to ask the nurses questions or request needed items, and Cara did that firmly to make sure that I got exactly what was needed.  She also took lots and lots of pictures at our request, which captured moments that otherwise would have been lost to the haze of hormones!

Read Amy’s & James’ full testimonial about Micah’s birth

Lindsay & Jeff

It was a positive experience having Cara be part of the birth of my daughter. My labor was 24 hours long and having her there the entire time helped me to work through the pain and deliver the baby as close as possible to my birth plan. Even with my husband being there the entire time and supporting me, the additional assistance that Cara provided to my husband and me was invaluable. Her caring nature provided a calming effect during the entire experience. Additionally, she offered suggestions for pain management that were well timed and extremely helpful. All of her suggestions were provided in a way that never pressured me to do something that I didn’t want to do. I would highly recommend Cara to anyone that is interested in having a doula be part of their birth experience.

Dakee & Mike

Cara Lee was our birth Doula for the delivery of our daughter last week. In the beginning we were hesitate to even hire a doula, given how much expenditures we have as new parents, but I am sure glad we did. Looking back I don’t know how we could have done it without her.

It is scary when your wife suddenly starts going into labor. She is in great pain and you don’t know exactly know what is going on (real labor, fake labor, etc) or what you can do to help her. It was so reassuring to be able to call Cara at any hour and get support and when the labor progressed to be able to have her come over and directly work with my wife on lowering her discomfort, fear, and pain.

Once the 3 of us were at the hospital, she was instrumental in both coaching my wife through the labor helping us work with the staff there to get the kind of care we wanted. I believe if we hadn’t had her there to help with the delivery, it could have easily ended up as a c-section.

We are grateful to her for her devotion in staying with us for what turned out to be something like 40 hours of labor and 6 hours of pushing.

Dana & Casey

We knew Cara was a perfect match the moment we met her. Her personality was both comforting and upbeat, and it was easy to see how she could offer the perfect combination of support and advocacy that we wanted for our birth experience.

Cara was very supportive of us throughout our entire pregnancy. She was on call for us from 38 weeks on, but went above and beyond her responsibilities by cancelling a family trip when I went into labor early at 37 weeks! We were so touched that she truly wanted to be there for our labor. We felt that we were more than just a client.

The next 12-24 hours were filled with painful back labor. All the while though, Cara kept things moving forward by finding new positions and techniques to labor in while striving to find the most beneficial counter-pressure positions for me. While I didn’t know this at the time, what Cara was doing was helping me buy time. Without her, I would have certainly “thrown in the towel” two to three hours earlier, which would have changed everything, and here’s why…

My “plan” was for an unmedicated vaginal birth at the UCSD Birth Center. However, because of the pain I was having from the back labor, at around 23 hours after my water broke, I told everyone to take me down to L&D for an epidural. It was at that time that I suddenly felt the urge to push! The midwife checked my cervix, and sure enough, it was time! 45 minutes later, baby Oliver was born.

Reflecting back on what transpired during labor, had we given up any sooner – we would have been wheeled down to L&D for the epidural (and then possibly Pitocin, etc). While that would have been acceptable in the end – it wasn’t necessary because of the amazing support & care provided by Cara during the hours of labor leading up to the birth. For that, we are truly grateful.

We cannot recommend Cara Lee enough. She is an outstanding doula, and an amazing person, someone you want to have in your life!

Phoenix & Jesse

During my first pregnancy, I was lucky to have a nurse who provided some “coaching” during my delivery, but when she went on break, it disrupted the whole atmosphere. Also, there were talks of a c-section by my doctor after only 40 minutes of uncomplicated pushing. Luckily, my son arrived naturally a short while later. Although I was able to have an unmedicated natural birth, I felt the experience could have been better with the proper support and preparation.

I knew for the second pregnancy I wanted a Doula to have as a coach, supporter, and advocate. My husband, as sweet and kind as he is, didn’t really know how to support me or guide me through the delivery process…and honestly, I’m not sure if I would have liked hearing it from him. ?

Thankfully, I met Cara. Instantly I felt comfortable talking to her and her prenatal consultations were informative and really helped me prepare for many possible scenarios. She provided reading materials, preparation checklists, sample birth plans and walked through breathing techniques and labor positions. I felt prepared and supported by Cara at every moment. Luckily the delivery was uncomplicated and went very quickly. I applied techniques that Cara taught me and I was able to achieve an unmedicated, natural birth. We had another healthy baby boy!

Initially, my husband did not even know what a Doula was, but by the end of the experience he was so thankful that we met Cara and felt it was well worth it. I am so appreciative of Cara’s knowledge and support. It has been a wonderful experience!

Lixian & Yongxin

She is a very cheerful and trustworthy person. Great communication with us and medical staff at the hospital. Clearly understood our expectation and preference. Honest and reliable for availability. Responded very promptly even in the middle of night while on call. Very responsible and planned well in her schedule to accommodate our needs and concern. Provided very helpful suggestions and support before, during and after labor and delivery. With genuine sincerity to help us and compassion/empathy for the birthing mom. She teaches all kinds of comforting measures for labor and birth, including breathing techniques, different body positions, use of birthing ball and aromatherapy, etc. Provided nice resources including online research articles and websites for reading and birth preparation, very specific and targeted at the particular scenarios we were concerned about. The loaning of the books about birth is a big plus. The video of yoga exercise during pregnancy is very useful and enjoyable practice. The photos taken by her are so valuable to us and the whole family, for the memory of the special moments. We are so glad to have her as our doula, and the whole birthing experience is less stressful with her presence and comforting. With her help, we managed to avoid a C-section and achieved our goal of a minimally-medicated delivery. The outcome absolutely exceeded our expectation! And her postpartum visit also offered insightful suggestions about breastfeeding and recovery. Her knowledge and experience are definitely crucial to our birthing experience.