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Postpartum Private Yoga Lessons

Becoming a mother not only taught me about the benefits of prenatal yoga, but also the power of postpartum yoga. Postpartum yoga sessions allow you to reconnect with your body, finding healing and rebuilding strength and stability. If you are experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety, postpartum yoga sessions can be a beautiful compliment used in conjunction with other treatments you are receiving.   Feel free to bring your baby to postpartum yoga sessions, as I can include your child in your practice at your request.

Private postpartum yoga lessons focus on:

  • healing and recovering after childbirth — in your body, mind and spirit
  • relaxing and increasing resilience through the stress and fatigue of parenting a newborn
  • reconnecting with your body
  • strengthening and stabilizing the body

The postpartum period after delivering a baby can be challenging. The body, mind, and spirit are recovering from childbirth and adjusting to all the changes a new baby brings. Many mothers are reconciling the expectations they had of their birth with the reality. Private postpartum yoga sessions have a special place in my heart as I find great joy in providing such a beneficial service to new mothers.  So many women prioritize taking care of themselves during their pregnancy, but after the baby is born it becomes much more difficult. Scheduling private yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home make taking good care of yourself an easier priority to maintain.

I am happy to come to your home or your preferred alternate location.  Our first meeting will be 1.5 hours and will include not only a discussion of your pregnancy and birth, but also your history, any past injuries, goal setting, and an introductory practice.  After the initial consultation we can continue meeting for either 1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions, your choice.


$75 for a 60 minute session

Please contact me at or 858-232-4828 to schedule an individual session.