Upward Salute – Urdhva Hastasana - Person performs mystical "Sun Salutation" yoga stretching exercise on Morro Strand "Church of Kelp"

Image credit: Mike Baird (CC-BY)

I have worked directly with survivors of trauma for more than a decade and have developed expertise in offering trauma informed services in a way that is empowering, healing and provides for choice in next steps.  I find great joy in supporting the healing of survivors and I specialize in the impacts of trauma on the individual, the community, and the generation. I have developed expertise in trauma response, crisis intervention, victim advocacy, vicarious/secondary trauma, and trauma-informed service provision. I continue to study how yoga can be used to support healing trauma, and use my experience to create safe, invitational, and compassionate environments for all, regardless of trauma history.

Trauma informed yoga sessions benefit everybody, and they can especially impact survivors of trauma whether from accidents, abuse or war. To find healing, resiliency and vibrancy  trauma survivors must connect with themselves and their body, fully noticing and gently coming to embrace their bodily sensations.  Trauma informed yoga is gentle, compassionate and offered with choices. When guiding trauma informed yoga practice I invite survivors to find poses, and offer choices if those poses do not feel safe. We work together to ensure that your yoga practice is safe and nourishing so that you can find healing and resiliency. Please click here to read a study finding positive impacts of yoga on trauma survivors.

For individual sessions I am happy to come to your home or your preferred alternate location.  Our first meeting will be 1.5 hours and will include a discussion of your history, any past injuries, goal setting, and an introductory practice.  After the initial consultation we can continue meeting for either 1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions, your choice.


$75 for a 60 minute session

Please contact me at cara@caraleeyoga.com or 858-232-4828 to schedule an individual session.